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Defining Identity

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Creating Brands

Defining Identity

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Seaside Cycles Project Details

The owners of Seaside Cycles came to us wanting to freshen up their website. We started with a complete rebranding which included a new logo as well as a photoshoot of lifestyle and product shots out on the beach.


As we discussed their daily workflow we identified several areas where we could streamline things to make their life easier by automating certain tasks. We developed a highly customized rental booking system with too many features to list. Some of the custom features include:

the ability to update pricing for each product based on seasons as defined by them through date ranges

the ability to automatically charge different rates based upon only a single item being rented vs multiple items being in the cart

the ability for the customer to choose their preferred method of delivery notification (email, text message, or printed and hand delivered to the door)

a mobile based check in and check out system for their delivery team

the ability to mark bikes needing repair so that they can be attended to

the ability to add a fee after an order has been processed in the case of a damaged bike return

automatic notifications sent to the customer and logged in the system based on certain actions

batch processing of orders through their preferred payment gateway

custom generated reports for planning the next days deliveries

and many more features designed to make their lives easier

Steve Howard
Alex and his team made this experience as smooth as possible. All of my needs, and concerns have been addressed and the process of development has gone extremely smooth. My project was more in depth than most, I would definitely recommend Alex and his team!
Steve Howard - Owner of Seaside Cycles

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