Setting up Email Account with Outlook Express

Before starting:

  1. Make sure your domain name loads. If it doesn't load your your email account wont work.
  2. Make sure you have setup your email accounts in your control panel. You can login at For information on how to set up an email account for your website in your control panel click here.

You are now ready to begin setting up your email accounts.

  1. Open Outlook Express
  2. Go to "Tools" and click on "Accounts"

  3. A "Internet Accounts" window will pop up. Click on "Add", then click on "Mail".

  4. This will start up Internet Connection Wizard. Enter your name where it says "Display name:" and click "Next" at the bottom right.

  5. Enter your Email address in the input box. This does NOT have to be your ""( you can use ",, etc). Then click Next.

  6. In the Incoming mail field type
    In the Outgoing mail (SMTP)field type
    (so if your domain name is, then you would put "" there). Click Next.

  7. Now type in your username that you have setup from cpanel using the following format: ""

  8. Just click Finish and you're done!

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