Top Branding Mistakes Take 1

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One of the biggest mistakes we see businesses make, when it comes to branding, is underestimating its importance. This stems from a misunderstanding of what branding really is. We see this all the time. A business [owner] selects a logo from a pre-designed set of logos or chooses a piece of clip art to represent their business. Then, they build a website and think they have built a “brand”. They probably think that as long as they have a slick looking logo, a tagline, and a website, they have what they need to grow a successful business. They try different types of marketing and struggle to achieve the growth for which they are hoping. As a result of rushing into the marketplace and cutting some corners to save a few bucks, they waste years of valuable time, only to eventually arrive at a place where they realize something is not working. This is often when they choose to rebrand, or should I say, brand themselves for the first time.

Branding is foundational. It is understanding who you are as an organization and who you are serving (your primary target market and even your secondary market. It is understanding what sets you apart from the other companies in your field, what it is that you offer that no one else does. It is understanding how to effectively communicate this through everything you do that comes into contact with your target market. It is so important to take the time to carefully lay a strong foundation in this area and project it into everything you produce: your logo, collateral, copywriting, tagline, videos, advertisements, your website, and even your physical workspace. When you understand who you are and are able to communicate that clearly to those you are trying to reach, they will really benefit from what you have to offer. Then they will really get excited and the news about you will spread through the right channels. There is nothing more costly to a business than spending time marketing to the wrong target audience while the people who really need your services never hear about you, or never accurately hear about you.

Alex Radin

Alex Radin is the owner of Further Design Group and has been working as a professional designer for over 14 years. He brings his expertise not only as a print, graphic and web designer but also as an art curator. He is a fine artist himself creating works of art for galleries and exhibits nationwide. You can see some of his artwork on his website

Alex also has a passion for marketing and has a deep understanding of what is currently happening with SEO. He knows how to grow a companies visibility online and is constantly coming up with creative ideas to help companies engage their target audience. He keeps a pulse on the current market, design trends, and is able to perceive where things are going making sure the work we produce is effective and fresh.