Here's to a new year!

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We are thankful for all the clients we have partnered with in the past year and are already super excited about all the projects lining up for this year. A lot of changes, new connections, partnerships, and plans are already in the works and we are hitting the ground running. This post is even going up early as we like to stay a step ahead. We are committed to making the world a more beautiful place this year and helping you do that as well. Relationships that have formed over the past year have enabled us to grow as well. Do you have an idea you have been sitting on. Get in touch and let us help you make your vision a reality this year. And speaking of making the world a more beautiful place, we would like to direct your attention to one of our clients that is doing just that. Check out Remark Studios and see how they have been transforming Charleston.

Alex Radin

Alex Radin is the owner of Further Design Group and has been working as a professional designer for over 14 years. He brings his expertise not only as a print, graphic and web designer but also as an art curator. He is a fine artist himself creating works of art for galleries and exhibits nationwide. You can see some of his artwork on his website

Alex also has a passion for marketing and has a deep understanding of what is currently happening with SEO. He knows how to grow a companies visibility online and is constantly coming up with creative ideas to help companies engage their target audience. He keeps a pulse on the current market, design trends, and is able to perceive where things are going making sure the work we produce is effective and fresh.